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"No man is an island, complete in himself; every human being is a
part of a continent, a part of a whole."
John Donne

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Marie Jost Foundation

The Marie Jost Foundation is a Brazilian non-profit institution, created in July 2002 in Natal/RN, with the objective of promoting citizenship actions, social inclusion, moral and cultural formation. For this purpose, the entity has developed educational teaching activities, projects committed to respecting the environment.


It also works through actions aimed at identification and vocational development, centered on intellectual, scientific and artistic-cultural appreciation.  


Headquartered in Rio Grande do Norte, the Foundation will be able to expand its activities to the national and international scope, and may even sign agreements with public or private entities, national or international.


The Marie Jost Foundation has State Public Utility Recognition, as stated in Law No. 8718, of November 3, 2005, published in the Official Gazette of November 4, 2005, and Municipal, as stated in Law No. 5.659, of July 19 2005, published in the Official Gazette of July 20, 2005.



Mrs. Marie Jost

Swiss mother, grandmother and educator, taught the importance of education for the personal growth of her children. Even though he lives far from the school that bears his name, he was always present in the dream of a better future through the education of our children.

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