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"The student is like a small seed that must be planted and cared for in order to germinate and bear good fruit. The teacher is like the farmer who sees in the seed the hope that will provide for the needs of society."
Luis Alves

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The student Marie Jost

Our student's profile is that of someone who is curious, creative and develops critical reflection, receiving and expressing ideas and information with clarity and confidence, in more than one language. Can approach unfamiliar situations with aplomb.

Our students are children and teenagers who:

  • They understand principles of moral reason, integrity and honesty;

  • They have feelings of equality and justice;

  • They demonstrate sensitivity to the needs and feelings of their partners;

  • Respect differences in opinions, values, traditions and culture;

  • They are aware of the importance of physical and mental balance and personal well-being;

  • They care about their own learning, constructively analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.


"I usually say that this is not just a school here. Sometimes I'm walking down the hall and I think I'm at home with my family. Yeah, I feel like I'm at home with my family, that's what Marie Jost represents to me."

Matheus Lima de Souza - 1st grade

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