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"If you speak to a man in a language he understands, it enters his head. If you speak to him in his own language , you reach his heart."
Nelson Mandela

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bilingual teaching

Colégio Marie Jost was a pioneer in Bilingual Education in Natal. Since 2010 the school offers courses in two languages: Portuguese and English.

Kindergarten and Elementary School

Initial Years / 1st to 5th year

In Bilingual Education, the children's classes in Levels IV and V have the syllabus of teaching that follows the national guidelines in an interdisciplinary way, with 50% of classes in English and 50% in Portuguese. The second language is introduced in a playful and natural way, so that children gradually acquire a vocabulary bank, so that the child becomes fluent in English.


The daily routine is divided between subjects in both languages, including Mathematical Knowledge and Nature and Society, as well as musical and sports activities, in addition to games in the classroom and in the park.


Working languages at other levels

Why learn a new language?

Dedicating yourself to learning a new language is an excellent path to professional growth and also as a human being.


Through this new knowledge, we came to understand other customs and ways of thinking, we discovered the literature of another culture, the vision of life in each society and expanded our circle of friends.


No matter the chosen profession, we all need constant renewal of knowledge; a new language is the door that allows access to the knowledge that the world offers.


In 2018, the College decided to classify the level of students, following the same European classification of reference for languages (CEFR). We are therefore preparing and encouraging our students to take the University of Cambridge/UK English Language Proficiency exams.

Elementary School - Final Years / 6th to 9th grade


pre entrance exam




High school

English and French

We encourage the student to expand
your communication skills
in other languages so they can support their personal choices.


Cambridge Certificate


Our college encourages students to evaluate  your knowledge of English. Cambridge Exams  help them in this process and we already have several certified students.

Some advantages of getting a Cambridge certificate:

  1. - Develop real-life English skills.

  2. - Exams for different levels and uses.

  3. - Accepted worldwide for work, immigration and studies.

  4. - Full support of a wide variety of learning and teaching resources.

  5. - International and available worldwide.

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