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Learn more about the Marie Jost school.

Assuming the role of creating opportunities for students to fully develop and build knowledge, one of the main functions of the school and teachers is to provide students with a stimulating and rich environment for their learning and evolution.

Considering the relevance and peculiarity of each of the different aspects (cognitive, motor and psychosocial) that make up the student's development, the learning process is linked to the emotional state and motivation.

Therefore, at Colégio Marie Jost, the educator assumes the role of stimulator, including in his planning themes and elements of culture that expand the student's universe of interest and knowledge. It also takes on the role of facilitator of learning, valuing the student's thought schemes and their hypotheses for understanding the phenomena, according to their possibilities and limits.

Our story

The Marie Jost school was founded in 2005 with the objective of offering society a complete education program, aimed at the integral development (psychosocial, motor and cognitive) of the student.


Maintained by the Marie Jost Foundation, the school is a non-profit Brazilian private institution of Basic Education, whose income is reinvested in pedagogy and infrastructure.


We aim to prepare our students to act as citizens on the national and international scene. Reinforcing this ideal, in 2009 we started to develop the project to implement Bilingual Education in the institution.


In 2010 Bilingual Early Childhood Education was implemented. In 2012 it extended to the early years of elementary school (1st to 5th grade).


Our mission

The Marie Jost College prioritizes the formation of citizens who possess the principles of justice and human solidarity, who are creative, autonomous, conscious and critical, capable of adopting appropriate behavior in various moral, affective and cognitive circumstances, able to defend their rights and assume their duties.


For this, based on nationally and internationally recognized curriculum standards, we assume the commitment, to our students, to:


Provide an environment that favors the learning of curriculum content, as well as the development of autonomy from a moral and cognitive point of view;

Encourage an attitude of curiosity;

Provide the opportunity for children to receive a Bilingual Education based on nationally and internationally recognized curriculum standards;

Promote situations in which students can learn about different cultural manifestations with interest and respect;

Encourage the expression of ideas, emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires and needs;

Promote favorable moments to build self-esteem and interaction situations in which students can interact cooperatively with each other and with other people;

Make students aware of the importance of caring for their health and well-being.

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