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"The first goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things; men who are creators, inventors, discoverers."
Jean Piaget

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Elementary School - Early Years

As the name suggests, in Elementary School the foundations for all systematized knowledge are laid. It is a vital step for subsequent academic performance and for the student's integral development.

Teaching is done in an interdisciplinary way, favoring the understanding of the whole and the cooperation and interaction between the different areas of knowledge for a lively and meaningful learning. The student develops as a conscious investigator, without constant need for the intervention of educators during the activities, as he is able to continue his development and expand his knowledge in a mediated way, seeking autonomy of action and responsible attitude, that is, he " learn to learn” and value learning.


In didactic terms, academic exploration of chosen subjects with themes treated in the form of projects is gaining more and more importance.


At the end of the 5th year, the student must appropriate the following skills and attitudes and identify with the following values:

  • Acting as a curious researcher;

  • Think critically;

  • Know and have the ability to express your ideas;

  • Demonstrate self-confidence;

  • Accept calculated risks in extraordinary situations;

  • Have globally relevant knowledge to solve local problems;

  • Behave following moral principles such as honesty and a sense of justice;

  • Understand the needs and feelings of others and present social initiative;

  • Respect attitudes, values and traditions of different cultures and identities;

  • Realize the importance of physical-mental balance for personal well-being;

  • Try to constructively analyze personal strengths and weaknesses.

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