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Marie Jost College traffic regulations

In the past, we have encountered some difficulties regarding our parking area. The solution came with a simple reorganization of the flow of vehicles in the entrance gate area. This idea, combined with everyone's collaboration and understanding, resulted in more comfort, order and safety for our children in school entry and exit times.


The Marie Jost school is carrying out the Trânsito na Escola project with the aim of promoting traffic education and, consequently, the safety of all who make up our school community.


The project's success will depend on everyone's collaboration, participating and ensuring compliance with fundamental rules.

Learn about the rules that help make the transit of vehicles and pedestrians in our school safe.

When leaving and picking up your child from school, pay attention to:

  • The speed when traveling in the street of Colégio Marie Jost must not exceed 20km/h;

  • Traffic must flow without interruption. Be careful not to interfere with the continuous flow;

  • The horn in front of the school should only serve as a warning sign.

The flow of traffic on Rua do Colégio:

From 7:00 am to 8:00 am and 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm, the area above the line (in front of the gate) is EXCLUSIVELY for boarding and disembarking students. Choose to drop off and pick up your child at the stall and follow the directions.


By following these recommendations, we will have more organization and be able to offer greater security, respecting everyone's rights and exercising our citizenship. With these three pillars: traffic safety, respect for rights and citizenship, we will set an example for our children and make them learn much more about respect for others and for life.


parking map

Front map


side map


parking spaces


1 exclusive place for the disabled


4 spaces for school transport


Other vacancies for parents and teachers

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