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"The first goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things; men who are creators, inventors, discoverers."
Jean Piaget

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Elementary School - Final Years

Our work proposal is to increase curiosity, interest in new challenges and responsibility.

We recognize that the student is in a process of transition and expansion of their repertoire in terms of learning to be and live with themselves, with others and with the environment in an articulate and gradual way, so it is time to expand the universe of student information, strengthen their learning processes so that they start using different languages - verbal, mathematics, graphics, plastic, body - as a means of expressing and communicating their ideas, as well as interpreting and enjoying the productions of culture.


Students are further motivated by a philosophy that values active participation, collaboration, creativity and discipline. Our curriculum follows the Brazilian standard proposed by the MEC and adds other curriculum components specific to our School, in a proposal aimed at a global education, focused on the constitution of human and ethical values.


The Spanish language is offered to the 9th grade class, with the aim of expanding the cultural horizons of students and promoting integration with the Hispanic universe, both continentally and worldwide. Spoken by more than 450 million people, Spanish is already the second language in the world in terms of the number of native inhabitants, the second language of international communication and the third most used on the internet, according to Instituto Cervantes. Given the importance of Spanish in a global context, Colégio Marie Jost provides access to this language through dynamic classes, focusing on oral and written communication.


Thus, our work proposal, at this stage, is completed with pedagogical actions aimed at increasing curiosity, interest in new challenges and responsibility.

From 6th to 9th grade, the component
English curriculum has the same
Portuguese language workload

Students are divided by
levels, respecting the
previous knowledge of the language.


Integrating art classes
in the curriculum component of
Elementary School II, the theater
becomes part of the grid for
9th grade students.



Music theory is the explanation of the elements that structure and govern musical laws.  Through theoretical study our students understand and organize their musical world with symbols that make up musical writing.

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